Daughter to Marvel Mastermind, Stan Lee, Disputes Preposterous’ $1 Million Legal Penalty

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On April 14th, 2021, Joan Celia Lee, otherwise known as “JC” Lee, asked the Ninth Circuit to reopen her lawsuit against her father’s former partners for control of the late comic book legend’s publicity rights.

In June of 2020, Judge Otis Wright threw out the lawsuit and fined JC Lee 1 million dollars for frivolous and improper filings, $250,000 of which her attorneys were responsible for paying. Judge Wright concluded that JC’s claims of ownership had already been addressed in previous lawsuits and that this suit is merely a publicity stunt attempting to discredit and harass Pow! Entertainment Inc.

However, JC and her attorneys urged the Ninth Circuit on Wednesday that her claims are allowed and that all she did was follow her lawyer’s advice in trying to protect her famous father’s name legacy.

Lee is represented by Craig Huber of Freund & Brackey LLP.

Pow! Entertainment is represented by A. Raymond Hamrick III of Hamrick & Evans LLP.

The case is Joan Lee v. POW Entertainment Inc. et al., case number 20-55928, in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

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