5 Essential Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an Entertainment Lawyer

1. They Should Be an Expert in Copyright Law

The “Copyright Act,” which regulates how creative or “expressive” works are treated in the law, is the foundation of entertainment law. Many lawyers claim that they are “entertainment lawyers” without being sufficiently knowledgeable or up-to-speed on copyright law. If a prospective entertainment lawyer lacks these essential skills, they will invariably be unable to provide the best possible services for you. How to know? You can ask the lawyer and/or check their firm’s website.

2. Experience is Worth its Weight in Gold

Like any other profession, the longer a lawyer has been practicing, the better they are (as a general rule). While there are plenty of young, talented attorneys out there, there simply is no replacement for hard-fought (and won) experience. How to know? You can check your State Bar website, the prospective attorney’s website, or simply ask the attorney how long they have been practicing law.

3. Check the State Bar Website to Make Sure the Attorney has not Been Disciplined

When Attorneys engage in unethical conduct or screw up really badly, they are disciplined by the State Bar. Typically, whatever disciplinary actions that are taken by the State Bar are made available to the public. Always check the State Bar website before hiring a lawyer.

4. Make Sure You Click with Your Lawyer and are Comfortable with the Fee Agreement

Lawyers are not always as charismatic as they are portrayed on television or in movies. Many can be somewhat dry. However, what is important is that you do get along with your lawyer. If you don’t like them or feel you won’t get along, you probably shouldn’t hire them. That being said, the most common issue between an attorney and their client is legal fees. Make sure you understand and are comfortable with the fee arrangement, engagement or retainer agreement before hiring an attorney.

5. Reviews and Testimonials are Important

Finally, an experienced attorney will have a history. Testimonials or reviews from former and/or current clients on Google, Yelp, AVVO, or Super Lawyers (among others) will be a good indicator of the quality of their work and how well they will represent your interests. Look for positive reviews and glowing testimonials (many of which will be posted on their website).

Lowe & Associates has highly experienced lawyers, including Steven Lowe, who has been practicing in California for over 30 years. He and the other attorneys with the firm are, in fact, experts in the areas of copyright law and intellectual property law (not including patent law). They have glowing testimonials, positive Google reviews, and a spotless record with the State Bar. Call us to schedule a consultation!

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