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With the help of our experienced intellectual property lawyers in Los Angeles, you can safeguard your intellectual property against theft, misappropriation and diminution in value.

Whether it’s a unique brand identifier (trademark or trade dress), a proprietary business strategy (trade secret), or a creative work (copyright), each holds significant value that deserves protection.

At Lowe & Associates, we can help you navigate this complex area of law. Our Los Angeles intellectual property attorneys approach intellectual property law strategically and comprehensively to ensure your rights are upheld, protected, and enforced.

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Who Our Intellectual Property Attorneys Help

The firm represents clients from startup companies, well-established corporations, entrepreneurs, and individuals in every aspect of the entertainment industry (including performers, producers, artists, directors, screenwriters, songwriters, authors, and more).

Our firm has years of successful experience in a variety of intellectual property matters on both the transactional and litigation side, including:

  • Copyright and Trademark registration and litigation;
  • Trade secrets; and
  • Idea theft.

Contact us to learn more about our Intellectual Property practice. We aim to deliver quality representation and thoughtful legal advice to all clients, and employ a proactive and aggressive approach to all intellectual property matters.


Trademarks (such as names, logos, symbols, and slogans) serve as distinctive identifiers for goods and services in the marketplace. They can be essential not only for distinguishing and protecting your brand, but for helping consumers recognize which product or service that they want to buy. While federal registration with the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) offers protection nationwide, businesses operating solely within the State of California can register their trademark with the California Secretary of State.

Once a trademark is registered, it is usually the trademark owner’s responsibility to monitor the marketplace for potential infringement, in addition to making timely renewals with the USPTO when necessary. Our trademark attorneys in Los Angeles understand the complexities of trademark law, and are able to guide clients through not only trademark registration, but enforcement of their rights against infringers, ensuring brand protection in California and beyond.

Idea Theft

Ideas alone are not protected by copyright law. However, some circumstances give rise to a claim for “Idea Theft” or “Breach of Implied Contract” under California law. In industries like the entertainment industry, where commercially viable ideas can be extremely valuable, it is important to protect against theft.

In California, if an individual shares their ideas with the implied understanding that they will be compensated if their ideas are used, and the recipient uses their ideas without compensation, that individual may have a claim for idea theft. Our lawyers assist clients not only in proactively protecting their ideas, but also in guiding them through a lawsuit if idea theft occurs.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are a vital component of a business’s competitive advantage, encompassing confidential information, strategies, methods, and other proprietary knowledge. In California, the protection of trade secrets is governed by the California Uniform Trade Secrets Act (CUTSA), which provides remedies in the event of misappropriation. Under CUTSA, businesses can seek injunctions and damages against those who improperly acquire, disclose, or use their trade secrets.

However, safeguarding these secrets requires proactive measures, such as implementing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and ensuring internal security practices. At Lowe & Associates, our trade secret lawyers advise clients on protective strategies and represent them in instances of misappropriation to ensure their rights are enforced.

Why Choose Our Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Attorneys?

At Lowe & Associates, we pride ourselves on our proficiency, boasting a team with over 50 years of combined litigation experience.

We prioritize our clients, crafting customized solutions in alignment with their objectives.

Open communication is a cornerstone of our practice, ensuring clients remain informed at every juncture.

Our approach is strategic, reserving aggressive tactics for pivotal moments in the litigation process.

Upholding the highest standards of professionalism, our commitment to ethical practices and top-tier intellectual legal counsel guarantees your interests remain safeguarded.

Our team, meticulously chosen and mentored, offers robust support throughout each phase of your case.

Our track record of success, from challenging obscure copyright infringers to major corporations, is a testament to our dedication.

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There is a lot that goes into properly protecting your IP. There is much more that goes into enforcing your rights including pursuing infringers of trademarks or copyrights.

At our law firm in Los Angeles, our attorneys offer aggressive but strategic intellectual property representation after exploring all creative solutions. Your work is your work. Your ideas are your ideas. Your brand is your brand. Keep it that way. Contact Lowe & Associates today.

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