The Firm

Lowe & Associates was originally founded in 1991 by Steven T. Lowe (J.D., UConn ’84), primarily to serve the needs of creative professionals in the entertainment industry. Over the years, the firm’s practice has grown to encompass the representation of plaintiffs and defendants in the areas of entertainment and business in general, offering expert legal services with an eye towards the economics of dispute resolution.

Firm Philosophy

The Firm philosophy is to keep the message simple, give the clients the personal attention they deserve, and employ creative strategies for complex problems and disputes, both before and during litigation in the courts.

Our Mission:

PROFICIENT. We are a team of skilled litigators with a combined 50+ years of experience.

CLIENT-ORIENTED. Our commitment to satisfying the key objectives of each client creates custom solutions.

COMMUNICATION. Our fiduciary duty to our clients is supreme and we maintain a constant flow of information and developments with clients.

STRATEGY. We are reasonable and move strategically through the litigation process, saving aggression for when it matters most.

PROFESSIONAL.  We are hardworking, ethical, reliable/dependable, and we deliver the highest quality work product to ensure your interests are protected.

TEAMWORK. Our team has been carefully selected and mentored. Rest assured that we provide the team you need at every step of the way.   

RESULTS.  Our history speaks for itself – Lowe & Associates has defeated a range of opponents, from individual nameless/regular/unknown/no-name/unrecognized/obscure copyright thieves, to major studios and their executives time and time again, and we will do everything in our power to do the same for you!


In addition to managing a premier law firm, Mr. Lowe co-founded the California Society of Entertainment Lawyers (CSEL) in 2013 with Larry Zerner, Esq. CSEL advocates for the rights of creative professionals.  For example, cases that the firm cannot accept are generally referred to CSEL for possible pro bono representation.  To learn more, please visit the following link to an article published in the Beverly Hills Courier:

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