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Our copyright lawyers in Los Angeles are dedicated to protecting your intellectual property. Copyright laws are designed to protect a person’s creative expression.

When another person or business copies your work in whole or in part, there are multiple claims that can be asserted, including a possible claim for copyright infringement.

Our firm can help protect your work and take the appropriate legal action if your original work is infringed upon.

To begin protecting your intellectual property and your original work, contact our firm.

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Legal Remedies in Copyright Cases

In copyright infringement cases, there are several different forms of remedies you can seek. These include:

  • an injunction against further use of the infringing copyright;
  • a court order requiring the destruction or forfeit of anything containing the infringing copyright;
  • damages for loss of profits, loss of future exploitation, and disgorgement of infringer’s profits;
  • “actual damages” such as lost licensing fees;
  • statutory damages anywhere between $750 and $30,000 per infringement, or up to $150,000 per infringement if it is deemed willful;
  • an order for payment of the costs of the lawsuit and attorney fees.


DMCA Claims in the Entertainment Industry

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) addresses copyright issues in digital media and the Internet. This copyright amendment is especially relevant to the entertainment sector where online content sharing is prevalent. DMCA claims, also referred to as copyright claims in some contexts, may initiate when a copyright holder perceives online infringement, prompting a “takedown notice” to the hosting service provider.

Components of DMCA Claims

  • Takedown Notices: A formal request by copyright holders for the removal of alleged infringing material.
  • Counter-Notices: A response if the content provider disputes the takedown’s legitimacy.
  • Safe Harbor Provisions: Shield online providers from liability, provided they act upon valid takedown notices.

The DMCA, while protective, faces issues of misuse and overreach. Navigating its intricacies often requires the guidance of intellectual property lawyers who specialize in copyright. Our lawyers are here to answer any questions about such claims and copyright matters. Contact our law office in Los Angeles, California to speak with an attorney today.

Responding to DMCA Claims With the Help of a Copyright Lawyer

DMCA claims can pose significant challenges in the entertainment domain. When you receive a DMCA takedown notice, it’s vital to assess its legitimacy and address it promptly. Often, a valid defense, such as fair use, may be applicable. Due to the complexities of DMCA claims and copyright matters, consulting with a intellectual property attorney is highly recommended. Our attorneys have the experience and intellectual property law expertise to help you address these claims.

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The laws that govern copyright are somewhat complex. However, it is one of the only ways to protect your creative work from illegal copying and to otherwise recover for the investment of time and money you put into creating and producing your work.

An experienced Los Angeles copyright attorney at Lowe & Associates can protect and enforce your copyrights. Contact our firm today for a consultation.

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