Jackson v. Amaru (2022)

Action on behalf of widow of producer of Tupac Shakur’s greatest hits against Amaru, Tupac’s successor, for Sound Exchange royalties. Pending.

Betty Bynum v. Penguin Random House LLC (2022)

Action on behalf of author of book against Penguin Random House for infringing book. Pending.

Sound And Color, LLC V. Samuel Smith et al. (2022)

Action for copyright infringement against Sam Smith in connection with a song entitled “Dancing with a Stranger.” Pending.

Summit Kaiju LLC v. Legend Pictures, LLC (2022)

Action on behalf of the creator of the monster character against film producers of a film entitled “Godzilla King of the Monsters” for copyright infringement. Pending.

Arthur Lee Alfred ii v. The Walt Disney Company (2022)


Juliana Furtado v. Brandon Nutt, et al. (2022)

Action for fraud on behalf of private investors against the producer of the film. Pending.

828 Media Capital, LLC et al. v. SSS Film Capital, LLC et al. (2021)

Action on behalf of the financier in the film industry against another financier for multiple claims, including intentional interference with the contract. Pending.

In re: Malo Band LLC v. Arcelio R. Garcia (2021)

Action on behalf of famous Latin Rock group MALO against “cover band” before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Pending.

Marlayna McBride v. Thomas Richard Vargas (2021)

Action on behalf of an individual being harassed and defamed by her high school boyfriend. Pending.

Josephine Eshagian v. Olivia Hazin (2021)

Action on behalf of an individual who was harassed on social media. Pending.

Good Deed Entertainment v. Cinedigm Entertainment Corp. (2020)

Represent Plaintiff in a breach of contract and copyright infringement case involving over 17 films against an established distributor.  Case is pending.

Malo Band, LLC v. Arcelio R. Garcia (2020)

Represent the legendary Latin rock band “Malo” in a trademark infringement case regarding the use of the band name.  Case is pending.

Jason Lust and SAJ Productions, LLC v.  Animal Logic Ent. et al./ Animal Logic Ent. v. Jason Lust et al. (2020)

Recently substituted in on behalf of Plaintiff in a complex breach of contract case against independent digital studio.  Case is pending.

Aimee Condayan v. Jennifer Mathieu; Roaring Brook Press; Holtzbrinck Publishing Holdings Limited Partnership; Macmillan Publishers (2020)

Represent Plaintiff in a copyright infringement case involving misappropriation of substantial portions of a book authored by the plaintiff.  Case is pending.

Ward et al. v. Discovery Inc (2019)

Represented Plaintiffs in an idea theft case against the Discovery Channel.  Case was resolved.

Yasminah Mohamed v. The Weeknd (2019)

Represented Plaintiff in a copyright infringement case regarding the song “Starboy”.

Messersmith v. Langers Juice Co. (2019)

Represented seller of goods in action against buyer. Case settled favorably after obtaining a pre-judgment writ of attachment against the defendant.

Martinez v. Disney (2019)

Representing authors of “Pirates of The Caribbean” in appeal before the Ninth Circuit. Case settled.

Tuli v. Specialty Surgical Center (2019)

Substituted into case that was “hanging by a thread” (having been dismissed and a demurrer sustained to the one remaining cause of action). Revived case (“demurrer overruled”). Case is pending.

Greer et al. adv. Bio Hazard (2019)

Represented former employees in unfair competition case by former employer. Case settled favorably in April 2019.

Blacklist, Inc. adv. Better Muck LLC (2019)

Representing company that delivers films to distributors in a dispute with a client. Case is pending.

Olsen v. Stone Group I (2019)

Representing production company in dispute with distributor. Case settled favorably in May 2019.

Ammolite Inc. v. Jack & Jack (2019)

Represented Claimants in an arbitration regarding breach of contract over a music video produced for YouTuber’s Jack & Jack. Case pending.

BlueCan v. Puravai (2019)

Representing Plaintiff in an unfair competition lawsuit. Case pending.

Large v. Tunnel, Inc. & Alan Pao.

Partnership dispute. Case is pending.

Arshan Gharib adv. Premier Financial Services, LLC (2018)

Represented defendant in a collection case where the plaintiff had already obtained a judgment. Successfully vacated the judgment. The case ultimately settled favorably.

Select Funding, LLC v. Eli Yazdani; Eli Yazdani v. Select Funding, LLC (2018)

Represented a former employee in a dispute with prior employer, concerning solicitation of former clients. Case settled favorably.

Jordan Yale Levine, et al. adv. John Frapasella and Tonya Frapasella (2017)

Represented producer in case by investor. Favorably settled.

Warren Griffin III p/k/a “Warren G” adv. Antonio White et al. (2017)

Represented Warren G in case involving a song called “Ain’t no Fun”. Case dismissed.

Hitbound Music, LTD adv. BBC Films, et al. (2017)

Represented songwriter in dispute with publisher over rights to music. Case settled favorably.

Planet Productions, LLC adv. Danny Clinch (2017)

Represented merchandiser in case by photographer of Tupac Shakur. Case settled favorably.

Wyndham Lewis v. 20th Century Fox (2017)

Represented plaintiff in an idea theft action against 20th Century Fox. Case Settled.

Large v. Emmet-Furla Productions et al. (2017)

Represented plaintiff in an action for investment fraud. Case Settled.

Good Deed Productions Inc vs. Cinelou Films, LLC et al. (2017)

Represented production company in arbitration proceeding against distributor. Case Settled Favoably.

Brent Ortner et al. v. Nathan Gilliand, et al. (2016)

Represented sellers of rehabilitation business in dispute with buyers. Case settled favorably.

Joe Reegan v. JRSE Films, LLC (2016)

Represented producer in dispute with writer. Case settled favorably in 2016.

Unicolors, Inc. v. Contempo, Inc. (2016); Unicolors, Inc. v. David & Young Group Corp., et al.

Represented clothing manufacturer in copyright infringement case. Case settled favorably.

Jonathan Hodges adv. Mantra Entertainment, LLC (2016)

Substituted into case after client had lost at trial; appealed and favorably settled case.

Corey Large adv. 120db Films (2016)

Represented defendant (after default entered) in case by entertainment finance company. Case settled favorably in November 2016.

Emma Wilcockson adv. Georgi Lazar Pavlov (2016)

Represented co-producer in dispute with partner. Case settled favorably.

Justin Pope p/k/a “P-Dice” v. Fetty Wap et. Al. (2016)

Partnership dispute between hip-hop artist, Fetty Wap, and P-Dice, who was a founding member of hip-hop group, “The Remy Boyz.”
Case Pending.

Kevin Tent et al. adv. Haven Entertainment (2016)

Represented defendants in connection with a dispute concerning film credits.
Case Settled.

Mike Williams v. Broad Daylight LLC. et al. (2016)

Firm represented producer of Rob Reiner directed film “LBJ” (starring Woody Harrelson) in a breach of contract action.
Case Settled.

Addition adv. Pitch Dark Entertainment (2016)

Represented defendant co-producers of aborted movie project in action for fraud.
Case Settled.

120DB Films Lending LLC v. Wingman Production Services Inc. et al. (2016)

Represented defendants in an action by a film lending group.
Case Settled.

The Young Keislowski LLC v. Mance Media et al. (2016)

Represented writers and producers of critically acclaimed Netflix film against sales agent. Prevailed in IFTA Arbitration.

Fowler et al. v. Convalo (2016)

Represented seller of rehabilitation centers as defendants/counterclaimants in dual actions for fraud and breach of contract.
Case Settled.

John Caparulo and Effinsweet Productions, Inc. and Levity Entertainment Group, LLC adv. Parallel Entertainment, Inc. (2015)

Represented Comedian in a dispute with his former agency. Settled favorably after filing Labor Board proceeding and staying case.

Orchid Child Productions, LLC adv. Cashew Entertainment, Inc.(2015)

Represented producer of celebrity documentary in dispute with co-producer. Settled.

Informant Media adv. Bernard Hiller & Gabriel Bologna (2015)

Represented defendant in connection with copyright infringement claim by authors of screenplay pertaining to true events.
Case Dismissed.

Planet Productions adv. Amaru Entertainment (2015)

Dispute regarding the rights to exploit the name and likeness of Tupac Shakur.
Case Settled.

Caparulo adv. Parallel Entertainment (2015)

Represented comedian in action brought by former managers.
Case Settled.

Geodata Systems Management Inc. v. APPF et al. (2015)

Represented plaintiff in a trademark infringement case.
Case settled.

Zulu Productions et al. adv. i2Five Entertainment LLC. (2015)

Represented defendants in a dispute between producers of a slate of films.
Case Settled.

Hendricks v. BBC America, Temple Street Productions et al. (2014)

Action for copyright infringement and “idea theft” in connection with the show “Orphan Black.” Case Settled.

Benel v. Universal Studios, United Talent Agency, Blumhouse Productions et al. (2014)

Action for copyright infringement and “idea theft” in connection with “The Purge” franchise. Defeated Anti-SLAPP Motion. Affirmed on appeal. Click to see 9th Circuit Appellate Decision. 859 F.3d 1184 (9th Cir. 2017) Click to see Hollywood Reporter article here.Case Settled.

Rick Barlowe et al. v. Amaru Entertainment et al. (2014)

Dispute regarding the rights to exploit the name and likeness of Tupac Shakur.
Case Settled.

Warren Griffin III p/k/a “Warren G” v. Universal Music Group et al. (2013)

Firm represented hip-hop producer and artist, Warren G, in connection with his claim for royalties from the composition entitled “Leave You Alone,” a top 40 song in 2012.
Case Settled.

Van Dyke v. Friends Media, LLC et al. (2013)

Action by writer/director for services on church-based independent film, “Not Today.”
Successfully Defeated multiple Motions to Dismiss and Motion for Summary Judgment.
Case Settled.

Tamara Johnson v. Lynch-Dyson Entertainment (2013)

Represented original creator of TV Show, “Hollywood Exes,” in an idea theft case against the producers of the show. The case was prominently discussed by Wendy Williams, on her daytime talk show, who concluded on air: “I believe her!” Defeated multiple Motions for Summary Judgment.
Case Settled.

Hedda Muskat v. Creative Artists Agency, LLC, et al. (2013)

Represented TV producer against her former talent agency and Ashton Kutcher’s production house for their alleged mishandling of a reality TV program.
Case Settled. Click to see Hollywood Reporter article here

Carmen Trutanich For District Attorney 2012 v. John Shallman (2013)

Represented the Los Angeles City Attorney against a former campaign manager for mismanagement (and possible misappropriation) of funds.
Case Settled.

Zito v. FX Networks LLC (2012)

Represented the well-known actor, author, personality, and former President of the Hells Angels’ New York Nomad Chapter in an “idea theft” claim concerning the FX show “Sons of Anarchy.” Case Settled.

Melanie Brown v. Dan Catullo (2011)

Represented Melanie Brown in two disputes with former business partners in the music industry. Case Settled.

Dwight McGhee v. MTV Networks & Randy Jackson (2011)

Represented the plaintiff in an “idea theft” claim against MTV concerning the television show “America’s Best Dance Crew.” Case Settled.

Von Radic v. Myers (2011)

Represented the plaintiff in a breach of contract and fraud action against a screenwriter concerning the plaintiff’s life story.
Prevailed at Trial-Awarded Punitive Damages.

WB Music Corp. v. Tatou Supper Club (2009)

Represented Tatou Supper Club in a copyright infringement action brought by Warner Brothers Music Corp. for allegedly violating public performance rights of certain master recordings.
Case Settled.

The Jackson Sisters v. Universal Music Group (2009)

Represented The Jackson Sisters in hotly contested, protracted litigation with Universal Music Group to obtain royalties on their self-titled 1973 album, which had became a cult sensation in Europe and Japan- in 2003. Case Settled.

Bob Rubin v. Rob Schneider (2009)

Represented comedian Bob Rubin in a breach of contract action against comedic actor, Rob Schneider, and his brother John Schneider, with respect to financing obtained for Rob Schneider’s film, “The Chosen One.” Case Settled.

Caldwell v. Marx (2009)

Represented recording artist Bobby Caldwell (“What You Won’t Do For Love”) in an action against his manager of 27 years for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and deceit. Case Settled.

Rick James Estate v. Daniel Lemelle (2006)

Represented the Trustee/Estate of the late Grammy-winning recording artist Rick James in multiple matters, including a dispute over the rights to his unreleased material.
Case Settled.

Hathaway v. Ark 21 Records And Miles Copeland Et. Al. (2006)

Represented Ark 21 Records and Miles Copeland in an action involving the failure of a label that did business with Ark 21 to meet minimum delivery requirements.
Case Settled.

Shout Factory LLC v. Hardline Music Inc., Et Al. (2005)

Defended a filmmaker against claims involving a recording artist who decided to drop out of the music business just as his career began to take off.
Case Settled.

Allied Surgical Centers Management LLC v. Acquisition & Management Corporation (2005)

Successfully prosecuted a multi-million dollar breach of contract claim arising out of sale of large debt portfolio. Case Settled.

Premier Credit v. Receivable Acquisition & Liquidation LLC (2005)

Represented defendant in a libel case. Prevailed on Motion to Dismiss.

Robert Vaughn, VD Kustoms Inc v. Von Dutch Originals LLC Et Al. (2004)

Represented one of the founders of Von Dutch in a partnership dispute.
Case Settled -during trial.

Kelvin Williams & Uprise Productions v. UMG Recordings, Inc. Et. Al. (2004)

Represented a young filmmaker in a federal court action against Universal (and others) for multiple claims arising out of the use of the filmmaker’s contributions to a successful DVD. Case Settled.

Elsey v. Pintaric (2004)

Represented the defendant in a lawsuit between partners of a film venture.
Prevailed at Trial.

Estate of Shakur v. Platinum Grove Entertainment et. al. (2003)

Represented the Estate of Tupac Shakur in an action for copyright infringement.

Cecil Womack & Keith Clark v. Priority Records, LLC (2003)

Represented a producer in the music industry to obtain royalties owed on various hit collaborations with rap artist “Snoop Dogg,” rap trio “Doggy’s Angels,” and others.
Case Settled.

Farid Zaland v. Seyed E. Kabehie, Soghra, Pars Video Inc. (2002)

Represented an Iranian music producer in dueling lawsuits between himself and his record company, settling both matters, and obtaining a favorable published opinion in Kabehie v. Zaland, 102 Cal. App. 4th 513 (Cal. Ct. App. 2002). Case Settled.

Timas v. EMC Mortgage Et. Al. (2002)

Represented an elderly widow, as co-counsel with Thomas Girardi, against a mortgage company for unfair debt collection practices. Case Settled.

Fula v. Interscope Records Et. Al. (2002)

Represented mother of deceased friend and member of Tupac Shakur group “The Outlawz,” in an action to obtain (amongst other things) royalties owed for contributions to numerous Tupac Shakur compositions and sound recordings which had been made by the plaintiff’s deceased son, “Yaki Kadafi.”

Outlawz v. Death Row Records Et. Al. (2001)

Represented Tupac Shakur’s group, The Outlawz, including obtaining an injunction preventing Death Row Records from interfering with their career.

Rodriguez v. Priority Records, Et. Al. (2001)

Represented the plaintiff in a copyright infringement action with respect to various sound recordings released by “Snoop Dogg” and “Tha Eastsidaz.” Case Settled.

Nelson v. Keymen Music, Et. Al. (2000)

Represented Bob & Earl, the legendary R&B duo behind the hit song “Harlem Shuffle,” in a dispute over ownership of a library of R&B classics that (until the firm’s involvement) was unresolved after nearly a decade of litigation.
Case Settled.