Reviews and Testimonials From Our Clients

Worked with Vik on a legal matter with a difficult former business associate. It was a stressful situation and Vik was professional, helpful, logical, and an overall wonderful attorney. We would certainly use him again but hope we never have to. Thank you Vik, for all your hard work!
Rosie Tran Avatar
Rosie Tran
I would highly recommend Lowe and Associates. Steven and Tori were indispensable as they advised and directed our company on multiple legal issues while providing entertainment industry guidance as well. Their professionalism, streamlined communications, and entertainment industry connections helped secure a path for our business to excel. We will continue to rely on their breadth of knowledge, innovation, and preemptive planning. Thank you Steven, Tori and Team!
Chris Hanzlik Avatar
Chris Hanzlik
My company hired Lowe & Associates to represent us in an erroneous lawsuit that was brought up by a client that breached contract services. Steven and his team were very professional and responsive, and they explained the road along the way. I would like to highlight Aleksandra Hilvert and her attention to detail, professionalism, and passion for what she does. You can tell she truly enjoys what she does. We are extremely happy with the results Steven and his firm were able to achieve in getting the case dismissed in our favor!
Ham Squad Avatar
Ham Squad
We engaged Lowe & Associates to take care of a pressing legal problem we were facing. Attorneys Steve Lowe, Vikram Amritraj and their team analyzed the challenges, developed a strategy and quickly instituted a plan. They carried out their work in a careful and professional manner. The lawyers were fast to respond to emails and would get on the phone with us when we needed to consult directly. In the field of entertainment law, they proved to all involved that they were on top of the material and experienced experts. With their skills they really hit the ball out of the park for us. In the end we were very satisfied with how the matter was resolved. The Lowe firm promised us much and then delivered.
Aviel Leitner Avatar
Aviel Leitner
Steven Lowe and Vikram Amritraj stepped in under a tight deadline to represent me before the California Court of Appeals in a breach of implied contract case involving a billion-dollar movie released by a major Hollywood studio. They mastered a long and difficult case and wrote a persuasive brief in record time. They were able to do this because they have a complete mastery of case law in regard to copyright and idea appropriation. In addition, it was a pleasure to work with both of them. They kept in close communication with me and were responsive to my ideas. At the same time, they have high professional standards and insist on making the best decisions for the case. I give them the highest recommendation.
Gary Goldman Avatar
Gary Goldman
Esplanade Productions, Inc.
I had the privilege of being represented by Lowe and Associates in the case of "Summit Kaiju LLC v. Legend Pictures, LLC". The attorneys on my case, Steven Lowe and Tori Mulvey, were nothing short of exceptional. From the onset, they demonstrated a deep understanding of the legal landscape and were able to navigate the complexities of my case with ease. Their professionalism and dedication were evident in every interaction, and they always kept me informed about the progress of the case. What impressed me the most was their ability to just come in and take over my case from another console, which exceeded my expectations. Their strategic approach and negotiation skills truly shone during this process, and I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I would highly recommend Lowe and Associates to anyone in need of top-notch legal representation. Their expertise, dedication, and commitment to their clients are what set them apart in the legal field. Their handling of confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions is also commendable, ensuring that I was fully aware of my obligations.
Jeremy Soles Avatar
Jeremy Soles
With much appreciation and respect to the years of wise counsel and dedication to the LAW.
All Powers To The People!
Yaasmyn Fula Avatar
Yaasmyn Fula
"Our company cannot thank Lowe and Associates (and specifically, Aleksandra Hilvert and Steven Lowe) enough for their hard work on several of the cases we had them work on. They are FAST, FAIR and RESPONSIVE. Getting things DONE should be their Tagline. Communication is key when discussing legal issues and this firm has it all worked out. They are setting the bar very high for others. They kept us updated through the whole process. We came out much further ahead than even our optimistic expectations."
George Ford Avatar
George Ford
Just got off of a call with Vikram and Lowe. Excellent service. They are kind and very upfront. I feel very confident in them helping me with my legal matter…
Jim Gittum Avatar
Jim Gittum
The Stuntmen's Association of Motion Pictures (established in 1961) wholeheartedly recommends the law firm of Lowe and Associates. Not only did they protect one of our most significant assets, but they went above and beyond by making financial arrangements that were comfortable to us for the long haul. In the end, they achieved the desired goal, via their unwavering commitment to our case. Top notch in every aspect.
SAMP Stuntmen Avatar
SAMP Stuntmen
Very attentive ,polite and understanding.
Elizabeth Cruz Avatar
Elizabeth Cruz
On behalf of the entire membership of the Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures please accept our sincere gratitude for your tireless and ultimately victorious defense of our brand logo. We have included a buckle with this letter of thanks and want you to know you have our absolute written consent to wear it proudly!
Jeff Wolfe, President Avatar
Jeff Wolfe, President
The Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures
Steven, Aleksandra and the whole team did a phenomenal job of getting done what we needed in an efficient and professional manner. Would highly recommend them!
Scott Donley Avatar
Scott Donley
Steven Lowe and his team are a cut above! His expertise on copyright law and his communication with us on an important appeal, has given us both confidence and a peace of mind. He keeps us informed step-by-step, educating us on the process and walking us through it. We couldn’t be more assured in his ability, and we trust our case in his hands. Ezequiel, Lee, Tova
ezequiel martinez Avatar
ezequiel martinez
I, along with the team at Ammolite Inc., want to thank Steven Lowe and Aleksandra Hilvert for their help in resolving a dispute with former clients related to our company’s production of various music videos. The lawyers at Lowe & Associates resolved the dispute in a timely manner with their effective strategy and negotiation skills. As a boutique media production company, it is paramount to have a solid team stand by you when legal issues arise. We are very pleased with the results.
Kirsten Argonino, Managing Director Avatar
Kirsten Argonino, Managing Director
Ammolite, Inc.
Steven and his firm did an excellent job for us. Their steadfastness and resilience in our case helped us get the results that we were looking for. I would highly recommend their work to anyone looking for a dependable and trust worthy law firm that will get you the results you are looking for.
Blue Can Avatar
Blue Can
Love working with the team at Lowe and Associates. Professional and good team.
Preet Singh Avatar
Preet Singh
"As a creative independent producer, I came to Lowe and Associates with an idea theft case a few years ago. Steven Lowe and Aleksandra Hilvert of the firm proved to be unpretentious and great listeners, giving valuable advice and options. They were honest about the possible outcomes of my issues and the costs involved. Both Steven and Aleksandra had integrity while working closely with me. I always felt that they put me and my case first. There were no runarounds or attempts to convince me that spending more meant better results. They are moral, ethical and smart, very smart and in my opinion the very best at what they do. Really. I could not more highly recommend these attorneys."
Russ Ward Avatar
Russ Ward
I worked with Lowe & Associates to handle a problematic collections case and they did a great job for us. Very professional and extremely communicative. It was a pleasure working with this team. My feeling is they brought great value and made the whole process clear and easy. The team at Lowe is top notch. Would highly recommend!!
David Hartman Avatar
David Hartman
Outstanding Law Firm Steven and his firm did an excellent job for us. Their steadfastness and resilience in our case helped us get the results that we were looking for. I would highly recommend their work to anyone looking for a dependable and trust worthy law firm that will get you the results you are looking for.
Blue Can
First retained Steven in 1997 and received excellent legal analysis and success for 20 years. In my lawsuit against Death Row Records, Interscope Records, Estate of Tupac Shakur, et. al., his interpretation of laws and methodical negotiation style was instrumental in securing royalties for my deceased son Kadafi, who performed with Tupac. He is a staunch advocate for the people especially the little guy knocked around by corporate giants. Truly the people’s lawyer providing access to courts and a platform for more equitable laws. His firm legal analysis and moral compass enhanced my legal case with resounding success.
Yaasmyn Fula Avatar
Yaasmyn Fula
Steven and his team fight hard for clients!
Cedar Boschan Avatar
Cedar Boschan
Most folks I know don't have many kind words about their experiences with attorneys. I have to write to say I'm now an exception. Recently, I worked with the Steven Lowe Associates office and was very pleased that they accepted my case which had a limited potential return (< $ 100K) and they were kind, receptive, informative and , eventually, quite adept in winning a bad debt settlement in a timely manner that was valuable to me even though it wasn't near the settlements they usually handle. As the managing partner, Steven stayed in involved with my case throughout while assigning it to one of his junior partners to to the day-to-day work to help save me money (note: associates are billed out at a lower hourly rate). They asked for a small retainer and advised me throughout the proceedings on how to weigh the risk vs. return in handling the defendant. He and his staff, despite being located in the L.A. area when I was in Florida,, were very friendly and helpful , who I feel are almost like old friends after working so closely with them. His office specializes in Entertainment Industry law but he obviously is also quite good in general business law, as well. I highly recommend them for a refreshing experience working with lawyers---didn't see that coming!
Mark Messersmith Avatar
Mark Messersmith
In an age where Courage, Character and Integrity seem to be virtues of a bygone era, Steve Lowe stands out as a sterling example of these priceless qualities. A highly skilled consummate professional whose keen ability to negotiate and strategize make him one of the most sought after entertainment law experts in the business. I have met and worked with some of the top lawyers in the country and Steve Lowe is my number one choice to represent my interest. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who is seeking to retain the Best, the Brightest and most loyal entertainment attorney that they could find.
Hafiz Farid Avatar
Hafiz Farid
Steven's legal counsel and business expertise has been a great help to our business. Great team to work with and highly recommended.
Kevin Nguyen Avatar
Kevin Nguyen
It’s tricky finding a lawyer that you like enough to hire, trust enough to go for the throat and can be available to outline options in a language non lawyers can understand. Steven Lowe was a recommendation and from our first conversation, I felt confident that he could stickhandle my case(s) effectively. But the real gem in all this, is Mario Goluža – who is a Senior Law Clerk with Lowe & Associates. Mario has kept me sane, updating me regularly, and answering the myriad of questions that arose once the case was in process. Is this the new standard for the law profession? I hope so. If not, you’re at the wrong firm.
Karen Kruper Avatar
Karen Kruper
Steven's legal counsel and business expertise is pivotal to us in helping build our company, and we are deeply grateful to him and his team.
Steve Syatt (Shushybye) Avatar
Steve Syatt (Shushybye)
Lowe & Associates were recommended to me by Attorney Howard E. King when seeking the need for legal counsel and representation. After initial consultation, their advice was always in my best interest as they strived to help me see resolutions from several legal perspectives considering my input as well. Communication was particularly responsive including Paralegal Office Manager, Shanette Avery, who returned my calls almost immediately. Associate Attorney Aleksandra Hilvert kindly worked to expedite my case allowing for a quick resolution. Therefore, I would highly recommend this professional team to represent anyone in legal matters that would require their expertise.
Kent A. Avatar
Kent A.
I guess miracles do exist… I never expected this outcome. Thank you for the excellent work you’ve done. I am sure we will work together in the future.
Richard Lawrence Avatar
Richard Lawrence
Steven and Kris are top notch strategists, thinkers and lawyers and they come without big egos and big law firm billing practices. So I have a deep appreciation of their value.
Samuel J. Fox, Esq. Avatar
Samuel J. Fox, Esq.
Fox Law Group
I endorse this lawyer [Steven T. Lowe]. Any time I have a client in need of a litigator, he is where I send them.
Elsa Ramo Avatar
Elsa Ramo
Entertainment Attorney
Aleksandra’s sensibility and gift for eloquent speaking, and brilliance as a writer & litigator, makes me lucky to have her as my lead attorney. She worked tirelessly through the night, never taking the pressure off the other side! She stood before some very powerful lawyers in the entertainment industry…and she wasn’t intimidated or bullied by them. Aleksandra is truly a star in the making!
Hedda Muskat, Producer Avatar
Hedda Muskat, Producer
Aleksandra was not only professional, courteous and knowledgeable, but proactive in our quest for a great settlement. In fact, she would suggest offers that were far better than what we “thought” we good offers. She was always in contact with us and it did not matter what time it was she would always answer our emails in a timely and concise manner. She is one of the few attorneys that we have met that really shows an interest in your business and the situation you are dealing with. We are so glad that were referred to her and look forward to using her services in the future. We cannot thank her enough for her great work on our case.
Kelly Sneed Avatar
Kelly Sneed
Project West Media Recommends Aleksandra Hilvert
Aleksandra helped me determine the best legal way to move forward on a film project dealing with Life Rights. She was easy to speak with and friendly though direct. I recommend seeking her professional advice if you are in the entertainment industry and looking to protect your idea.
Ashley S., Producer Avatar
Ashley S., Producer
Recommends Aleksandra Hilvert
On behalf of my family, I want to express how grateful we are for all the hard work the team has put in during the past few weeks. I can’t put into words what it felt like after reading what was filed today. To actually know lawyers are doing everything they can to represent us is exhilarating. I’m proud to have each and everyone of you on the team. Hopefully it works out, but at least I know we are doing our best. THANK YOU.
Jonathan Hodges Avatar
Jonathan Hodges
on behalf of The Hodges Family and Hollywood Sound Recorders.
Loved working with Aleksandra. She was always working for us, always kept us in the loop and in the end, helped us get the best deal possible. Highly recommended.
Deanna McDonald Avatar
Deanna McDonald
Aleksandra was amazing. Very personable and professional and helped settle our dispute with the opposing party better than I could have imagined. She fought to get us the best deal possible and her advice was spot on. I will definitely be working with her again and highly recommend her!
Liz Benham Avatar
Liz Benham
Aleksandra was kind and observant but still exhibited professionalism with her matter of fact legal dialog.Her communication skills were above par with any other lawyer I have ever had to deal with. In my case. all matters were able to be initiated by direct Phone and Email correspondence so that there was fast and direct communication added by a very diligent staff at LOWE & ASSOCIATES. For anyone who might have a copyright infringement situation Aleksandra is a good lawyer to deal with.
Chuck Krall, Photographer Avatar
Chuck Krall, Photographer
I recently wrapped production on a small, independent feature film and would be remiss for overseeing Aleksandra’s contribution. Despite the lack of funds available for an attorney to work on the production in it’s entirety, Aleksandra could see beyond that and offered to do some transactional legal work, pro bono. To her credit, lack of compensation wasn’t a factor, nor did it remove her motivation from the equation; she expeditiously gave her insight on the topics at hand, which – to me – indicates a passion and commitment to the work itself.

In summation, I could not be more pleased with the results and I look forward to working with her on future endeavors.
Reid Taylor, Director Avatar
Reid Taylor, Director
Aleksandra is a person who really cares for what she does, Real pro! thank you for the outstanding service!
Viktor Shafir Avatar
Viktor Shafir
Aleksandra Hilvert has represented my company multiple times over the years and each time there was a successful outcome. She is a highly skilled attorney and I would recommend her for any business or personal legal issues.
Derek Emery Avatar
Derek Emery
Aaero Sweet
Aleksandra is a professional in every sense. Her advice is sound, well thought out and very strategic. The issue I had was discussed and executed immediately with all relevant facts addressed specifically with the appropriate tone and legal references. She is ethical and concerned about the best outcome for her client and not just a fee to be collected.
Linton Bergsen, Author Avatar
Linton Bergsen, Author
Real Estate Very accessible, a hard worker, very busy, and ultimately successful. User
Mark Basile ~ President/CEO of 1 Love 4 Life Productions. Over the past 15 years while living in Hollywood, California, I've worked in the movie business: as an actor, writer, producer, director, editor and camera operator. Which means I've needed a top notch attorney and firm to, not just provide well crafted contracts to protect me personally, my company and my valuable assets, but sound advice from friends when emotions of the business sometimes cloud ones judgement. One particular case stands out amongst the many. In 2011, Steven T. Lowe, and the Lowe Law firm negotiated my TV series idea theft case that was settled amicably with a major network without even having to file a suit. That rarely happens unless a firm has juice. When the stakes are high -- go with Lowe. Mark Basile ~ President/CEO of 1 Love 4 Life Productions.